Monday, August 10, 2015

old school

Finally! I had the chance to do an outfit post again. As you all know, I'm not a consistent blogger at all but believe me, I'm trying my very best to update this blog frequently. I only share outfits that I really do wear and if time permits me to do a shoot before leaving home. That's the reason why I don't post everyday or every other day. By the way, I tweak my blog layout. Did you notice any changes? haha! I added some features. I'm proud of myself cause I did it on my own. Hopefully, this blog grows soon. 

Okay, let's talk about my outfit! :)
Well, this was an old school fashion inspired. Lately, I was thinking about what's happening in my life compared to the days when I was still studying. I guess I miss those days when I go to school everyday just sitting on the four corner of the room, tripping with my friends, have daily allowances and can go anywhere I wanted to go. That makes me want to wear this kind of outfit. I tried to wore an outfit that I usually saw on movies with school scenes. I hope I killed this look.

I paired my black long sleeves with the lip print buttoned down shirt that I got from my old sponsor which is Ahaishopping. The black long sleeves was too plain so the lip print shirt added a little touch on the outfit. The look was a bit edgy so to give a girly vibe I chose to wore the pink skater skirt that I got from Forever 21.

Furthermore, I'm not the type of person who wear heels more often. I'm a sneaker person. I prefer sneakers rather than heels. Like what most fashion blogger says, choose comfort first! :) I have numbers of sneakers and flats while I only have 4 pairs of heels. The 2 shoes I use for applying work, the one I bought on shoemart coz it was sale and the one I used on my college graduation. I guess I'm not a girl. hahaha! But don't worry I'm already investing for heels because I wanted to conquer my weakness, which is to wear heels more often. 

Splash Black V-neck Longsleeves | Ahaishopping Lip print Long-sleeved shirt |
 Forever 21 Pink Skater Skirt | Jennyfer Red Sneakers

What can you say with my look?
Love to hear you thoughts! <3


Sunday, July 26, 2015

What's inside my bag?

If you want to find out what I normally have inside my bag, you should read on!

To tell you the truth, I'm not a bag person. I love bags that are simple but looks classy and I can use for the nth times are my first choice. Just like this bag that I got from Secosana. It perfectly fits for all the stuffs I want to bring. It's not too big nor too small. What i love most on this bag is I can use it as handbag or sling bag. Okay, let's invade what's inside my bag..

[ Left to Right ]
  • Portable hard drive - I save all my documents, pictures, music, and movies on this hard drive. I got the habit of bringing this everyday and everywhere since college so upto now I still bring it with me. 
  • Wallet - I prefer medium size wallet which have a small coin purse and and lots of card holder. Later, you can see what's inside my wallet.
  • Emergency Kit - I usually bring this when I know my monthly period is near to come. Just in case of emergency! You girls know what's inside right? No need to mention. :)
  • Sony Experia Z1 - As you can see, I have two phones. Only few people know my number on this phone. Also, I used this to take selfies and memorable moments.
  • Iphone 4s - My overused phone. haha! This is the phone I've been using for almost 4 years (can't wait to replace with a new one!). I also used it as mp3 player, my favorite music are all save in this phone. 
  • Johnson's Baby Powder
  • Tissue 
  • Kitkat and Cadbury Dairy Milk - Chocolates! Chocolates! Chocolates! not as comfort food but as survival food. Just in case i'm hungry. hihi!
  • Make Up Kit - I'm not that much fond with make up but I'm starting to save little by little. Later you'll see what's inside. 
  • Charger - I do bring my iphone charger because its battery life never last that long. Another useful thing in case of emergency!
  • Sunglasses - We all know that its too hot here in UAE. Ofcourse! I use this to protect my eyes.
  • Dental Floss 
  • Ballpen - A must have! We should always bring it everywhere. Use for taking down notes.
  • Rosary - I'm not a religious person but ever since I got this rosary, I bring it anywhere I go. I feel safe when I have this with me.
  • Baby G-shock - I usually forget to wear my watch every time I went out so I decided to put it in my bag and wear it when I see it. I guess having a watch on your hand is a must here in UAE because Filipino time is a big NO. 
  • Earphones - When I'm in public places, I always listen to music. For example, when I'm riding on metro I listen to music to kill boredom.
  • Candies
  • Sticky Notes - If you have ballpen of course you need a paper for taking down notes. Another must have!
  • Band aids - For emergency purpose and also I put it at the back of my ankle when I feel pain cause of too much walk. Are you also doing this?
Now, let's see what's inside my make up kit and what brands i'm using.  Here it is ladies...

[ Left to Right ]
Eyebrow brush | Blush On brush Labello Strawberry Lip Balm Labello Cherry Lip Balm Wet n Wild Hot Paris Pink Lipstick Nivea Raspberry Lipstick Nivea Extreme Cassis Lipstick Ever bilena Colorless Mascara Tweezer Ponytails Ever bilena Oriental Foundation Ever bilena Blush On Ever bilena Magenta Matte Lipstick Ever bilena Pink Flame Lipstick Ever bilena Love that Red Matte Lipsticks Hairpins Nichido Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Ever bilena Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil Ever bilena Brown Eyebrow Pencil Ever bilena Black Eyeliner Pencil Hairclips

Well, I don't normally put on much make up. I prefer a simple look rather than covering my face with a bunch of makeup. A foundation, blush on, eye brow, lip balm and I'm good to go. I do have a number of lipsticks on my kit but I seldomly use it. I only wear it when i'm on mood, i have interview or if there's an occasion. Okay, let's move forward what's in my wallet.

For my wallet, I prefer a medium size because it is just enough for what i put inside. Aside from money, I put my graduation picture, Etisalat card, Magic Planet game card, Shukran Card, Just Gift Vip card, Nol card (the card we use for riding metro and buses here in UAE), my father's calling card, health card, my Bulsu Id, BPI Atm Card and Emirates Id. Before I forgot, I also put passport size picture on my wallet.   

That's it! Is there anything that catches your attention or anything you think strange to have in my bag? I'd love to know what you think and what you have inside your bag as well. Feel free to leave a comment.

I do bring this bag and things when i'm going to work! :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Things I never forget to carry when travelling

My vacation here in Philippines is now over. Few days left and I'll be back to my second home, Dubai! Here I come habibi!!! Yipee!!! It's not obvious that I'm so excited. hahaha! After a long wait, I finally got my new visa and done booking for a flight. I'm starting to pack my things and come up with the idea to share with you what are the things I never forget to carry when I'm travelling...

1. Passport, Visa and Plane Ticket 
These are the most important and should not be forgotten to bring. How can you travel international if you forget to bring your passport? You cannot go to other country if you don't have visa. At least a tourist visa is a must for every traveler. How can an airport ground crew check-in your baggage if you don't have a plane ticket? Well, these are the documents that are strictly check by the crews on airport.

2. Extra Money
Never forget to carry an extra cash or at least an ATM on your wallet. This is just in case of emergency. When I travel, I usually has stopover on my flight so bringing extra cash is a must for me. Just in case I need to buy food on my stopover because there were times that I arrived early before my next flight. Sometimes flights are getting delayed for hours. (worst experience ever!) At the same time, I'm a type of person who loves buying souvenir and stuffs on my travel destination. 

3. Camera
Can someone tell me who don't bring camera whenever they travel? People now a days like to take pictures on whatever they do or place they visit. People like sharing pictures on their social media.
I'm proud to say that I'm one of those people. I like capturing memories.

4. Mobile Charger
Make sure to pack mobile chargers just in case your phone got low battery. We need to make sure our phones has battery life so they can contact us. Our family or friends have an update about us.

5. Rosary
I'm not a religious person but I never forget to bring my rosary whenever I go. Every time I bring it, I feel safe. I feel that God is always with me.

How about you guys?
What are the things you never forget to carry when travelling?