Thursday, February 5, 2015


A long overdue outfit post from last year's OOTD. You heard it right! This was one of my throwback post. As you know, I've been inactive last year in terms of blogging but I still shoot some pictures for my OOTDs and I want to share it with you guys.

This was taken last February 2014 when me and my family went in Al Ain. For a short trivia, Al Ain is not part of Dubai, but it was located in Abu dhabi. I will discussed it more on my travel diary, you check it out on my next post. Going back, it was spring season when we visited the place, wherein winter is over and summer is coming. This throwback outfit post is just in time for this year spring season. I hope you guys could get some tips and ideas on this blog entry.

Furthermore, I usually wear jeans on my work, and I decided to skip it for a day. I opted myself to wear maxi skirt that day coz it was spring season. It's the comfiest outfit I could wear during those time. It doesn't make make me feel too cold nor too hot. Comfiest indeed! 

At the same time, UAE is strict with dress code. There are some places in UAE were they prohibited sleeveless and mini skirts, unlike in Dubai which is now a free city. Also, it's best to respect the place we are visiting by following their social norms even though we are just a foreigner on this country.

She Inside Blue White Sleeveless Ripped Fringe Denim Outerwear | Forever 21 Gray Basic Top
Thrifted Sunglasses | Thrifted Black Floral Sandals | Mango Sling Bag

What can you say on my outfit?


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hello Instagram!

A lot of new social applications are popping out like a blockbuster on cinemas. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Tumblr, and of course Instagram. I know everyone of you is aware with Instagram and for sure each of us have instagram account. Yes! I mean US, including me. :)

For a short information about instagram, its a social application where you can share your life to your friends and family through pictures and videos. The more creative, the more fun and the more followers! hahaha.

As I promise on my previous post I'll introduce my new instagram account. here you go! a new account of mine. I just need to make a new one for some personal reasons. So my lovely readers, if you are following my old account (@fudgeitscrissy) better follow my new account for more recent updates on me. 

Here are some of the pictures you can see on my new instagram account. Places I've seen, latest hauls and foods..

ofcourse! I do post my OOTDs too.

Don't forget to check out my instagram account (@sherlainesayo) and hit the FOLLOW button. ❤️


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A fresh start

Starting from scratch all over again. You read it right and that's my new year's resolution for 2015! I admit it. I've been inactive with my blogging hobby on the previous year. Would you believe that I only had 2 blog post entries for the year 2014? Well, I guess I've been workaholic last year. But now that 2015 started, I planned for a fresh start!

Here are the things you should expect on my blog:

1. A throwback post for my outfits last year.

2. Introducing my new instagram account.

3. More do-it-yourself project and more travel posts.

4. Lastly, a more elegant and sophisticated outfits.

That's all for now. I hope you lovely readers will still support my blog. Thank you!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NeverSettleForLessTravels: Miracle Garden

I know... I know...
I'm not an active blogger now. I'm sorry readers but as much as you know, I tried my very best to find time for my blogging hobby. It sucks that I'm having a hard time to find one with the work environment I have now. Wallah! (an arabic word which means really) My everyday routine was to wake up, eat brunch, take a shower, go to work, eat dinner, wash clothes, and sleep. No time to open my laptop and make a blog post. I just check my social networking sites through my phone which is more convenient. I'm happy that Ramadan Season arrive, which means six hours of work only. hihihi! More time to rest, more time to have fun and more time to blog. 

For now, I will be blogging about my past ootd's and travel adventures. To start my back log here's a travel diary about my adventure at Miracle Garden last February 27, 2014. 

Who said Dubai was only full of desert? Oh well, Miracle Garden transformed the desert landscape of Dubai into the most beautiful and largest natural flower garden in the world. A lot of different flowers with more than 45 million which was arranged in different shapes. It was really worth to be recorded as the longest flower wall in Guiness Book of Records. If you were to ask, how much the entrance fee? You can enter this place for only 30 dirhams (Php 360.00) 

The colors were so vibrant and the way they arranged the flowers were breathtaking. Too much effort but still amazing in the eyes! and of course, picture-worthy!

Miracle Garden

Al Barsha 3, Arjan Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: (+971) 04 422 8902

Weekdays - 9 am to 9 pm
Weekends - 9 am to 11 pm

For more information...